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Chic and Top Quality Sheepskin Footwear from Qwaruba since 1987 USA

Introduced in 2009, Qwaruba Bootwear is a modern generation of traditional Australian "ugh boots”, combining the superior qualities of sheepskin with excellent craftsmanship, innovation and design to meet a niche demand for top-quality and non-mass-product footwear.Qwaruba boots

Qwaruba Bootwear differs from other footwear products in that: 

  • We only use top-grade Australian sheepskin, Merino, which is well known for its wool density and wicking properties, providing the first and foremost function of a good pair of sheepskin boots – everlasting warmth. Sheepskin is soft, durable, breathable, and water resistant; yet it is capable of absorbing moisture from the body, keeping feet dry and comfortable regardless of fluctuating outside temperatures. Sheepskin is also naturally moisturizing, and medically proven to be non- or low- allergenic.
  • Our special technology and cutting ensure a perfect fit, giving the feet a cozy experience and long-lasting comfort.
  • We provide removable insoles in our boots for better product care and hygiene, and rubber outsoles for safety and durability.
  • We have direct control and authority over the quality of our product, as we own the factory that meets and exceeds American standards of factory audit , reflecting that we care for our employees as well as our planet.
  • We have over 30 years of experience in footwear production, professionalizing in quality control and ensuring world-class craftsmanship.
  • We are innovative in our design and style, offering both classics and rock designs for a smart look.
  • We aim to produce not for the mass public, but for smart consumers who truly appreciate value and style.
  • First launched in 2009 through Seibu Hong Kong, Qwaruba Bootwear products have proved to be popular with customers from the international community.
  • Consignment at SOGO Hong Kong, well received as quality,  fashionable items. 

Consignment at SOGO Hong Kong

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